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Do you want to access 95 billion Euro?

Do you want to access 95 billion Euro?

Publicerat av Tony Harkén lördag, 29 september 2018.

Learn how to enter the Swedish construction market.

The strong construction market in the Stockholm region has created lucrative opportunities for international companies.

A requirement to be able to seize these opportunities is to have an understanding of the procedures and regulations of the industry in Sweden. To help foreign companies enter and succeed on the Swedish market, Invest Stockholm, Business Sweden, Tyréns and SABO have joined forces to launch unique intensive courses covering the fundamentals of the Swedish construction industry.

“The rapidly increasing demand for construction firms has created immense opportunities for foreign companies looking to enter Scandinavia’s biggest construction market,” says Erik Krüger, Business Development Manager at Invest Stockholm.

Invest Stockholm, the official investment promotion agency of Stockholm, has seen an increased interest among international companies wishing to enter the Stockholm region in the last year. However, there are challenges to overcome.

“To succeed in Sweden you have to overcome the language barrier and you have to be able to navigate the Swedish regulations. Our firm regularly assists international contractors in the tender process and in the execution stages. I’ve seen first-hand what a difference it makes to get some local guidance.”, says Ulrika Grundström, Manager at engineering consulting firm Tyréns

To assist the international contractors, Invest Stockholm, Business Sweden, Tyréns and the public housing industry organization SABO have developed two courses that cover the fundamental aspects of the Swedish construction industry. Lecturers include Swedish contractors, attorneys and consultants, as well as public procurement agencies such as Trafikverket. The goal is to give the participants a knowledge platform and a toolkit to succeed on the Swedish construction market.

“The objective is to give an introduction to statutes and regulations that are unique to the Swedish construction industry. The intention is to supplement the contractors’ practical expertise with knowledge of the Swedish regulatory framework, focusing on aspects that have a direct impact on project profitability, says Jonas Högset, Head of New production at SABO.

“For any company looking to take advantage of the large opportunities in the infrastructure and construction sector in Sweden, these courses offer a great way to lower the threshold to the Swedish market," says Robin Petterson, Invest Manager, Infrastructure and Constrution, Business Sweden.

For more information about the courses: https://www.investstockholm.com/courses

About the organizers

Invest Stockholm
Invest Stockholm is the official investment promotion agency for the City of Stockholm. Our services include matching investors with opportunities, and providing advice and practical assistance, free of charge, to set up and expand a business in Stockholm.

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